About Us
Ademar Shipping Lines Was Established In 1992, Operating For More Than 18 Years. Through Those Years, Ademar Had Served Clients, Shippers And Ships Throughout The World And Had Trained Its Employees, Crew And Staff To Offer At All Times An Added Value And Low Cost Service.

Ademar Policy

Ademar Policy Calls For Complying With Mandatory Sea Regulations And Rules While Satisfying Of Course Shippers And Customers. It Makes Sure That All Applicable Codes, Guidelines And Standards Recommended By The Organisation, Administrations, Classification Societies And Maritime Industry Organisations Are Taken Into Account.
ADEMAR objectives are to:
Ensure Safety At Sea.
Prevention Of Human Injury Or Loss Of Life.
Avoidance Of Damage To The Environment, In Particular To The Marine Environment And To Property.
Provide Safe Practices In Ship Operation And A Safe Working Environment.
Establish Safeguards Against All Identified Risks.
Continuously Improve Safety Management Skills Of Personnel Ashore And Aboard Ships.


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